Modern day heroine solving creative mysteries with vintage flair!

A keen aficionado of Burlesque, pin-up art and nostalgia, my work draws inspiration from vintage-style imagery, alternative and tattoo culture, and feminist topics. Creating bespoke illustrations and carefully crafted brands, I aspire to celebrate all women with elegance, sass and humour!

My approach to new projects is tailored to the individual. I offer valuable design advice, creative sensitivity and attention to detail, so that collaborations are smooth and enjoyable, and the end result is of the highest quality. I hope my art brings you as much joy as it does to me creating it!


Shopping for a gift? Come this way!


Femme Fatale Enamel Keyring Box Set

The most deadly keyring for fierce ladies who take charge! Buy a keyring and support for women’s rights.


Tees for Femmes Fatales and Cheesecake pinups!

Dark and sultry or bright and cheeky…
Pinup tees to suit your mood!


Art Prints

My art is inspired by femininity and
invites you to celebrate women in all
their diversities. Browse my prints.