Photography by  Kate Hansen Photography

A bit about me…

My full name is Catherine Berruer but no one here in Australia can really say my last name, so it’s easier if you just call me Cat! I am a French expat living in Melbourne since 1994. French is my first language, c’est vrai!

Just Call Me Cat is my one-woman illustration practice since 2014. However I have more than 10 years of experience working in the design industry, illustrating for various canvases, digital or tangible. Most of my work has been for the Arts, entertainment or education. Visual art and graphic design, style guides and brand stories, project management, client liaison… I combine all these skills to help solve your creative mysteries!

My work is very much influenced by vintage-style imagery, pinup, alternative and tattoo culture, and feminist topics.
I aspire to celebrate all women with elegance, flair and humour. My core values are the foundations
for my inspiration, and with this in mind, I aim to support all individuals that passionately work towards positive social change. I would love for my illustrations to be a representation of a progressive community, and through my art I hope to help my clients step into their unique power.

Drawing is my passion and I get great enjoyment in creating bespoke artworks for my clients. I hope you enjoy what you see, please feel free to contact me to discuss commissions.

email: / +61-3-414 912 533