Photography by  Kate Hansen Photography

About Cat

Hello and welcome! My full name is Catherine Berruer but no one here in Australia can really say my last name, so it’s easier if you just call me Cat. I am a French expat and have been happily living in Melbourne since 1995. 

Just Call Me Cat is my one-woman illustration practice since 2014. However, I have been working in the design industry for more than 10 years, illustrating for various canvases, digital or tangible. From multimedia projects, online games and websites, printed publications ... most of my work has been for the Arts, entertainment or education. Visual artist, graphic designer, project manager, I am always welcoming enriching experiences and seeking out exciting collaborations.

Drawing is my passion and I get great enjoyment in creating unique and customised artworks for my clients. I hope you enjoy what you see, please feel free to contact me to discuss commissions.

email: / +61-3-414 912 533